Welcome to the SloMoCo Manifold! If you are an author, artist, presenter, instructor, or micro-resident, this page will help demystify essential concepts and practice for publishing your work using our Manifold instance. If you're not a SloMoCo creator but are just ingesting SloMoCo nourishment, you may look over the "Reading Manifold Texts" documentation.) Where convenient, we will also point to the Manifold Documentation, which is succinct and thorough. Manifold takes a little getting used to, but you've seen how others are using it or try your hand at staging your own project, we're sure you'll like it.

Hello World!

Your Account

The first step for all SloMoCo adventurers is to create an account. Right now we don't have an OAuth configured, so you'll need to make an account with your email address. SloMoCo will need to grant your user account backend access to the project page. If we are slow in this doing this, please don't be shy in reaching out to us by email or in the Manifold Discord channel!

Your Manifold Project

You (and your project collaborators) will have write access to a project page. The project is both a) a proceeding entry and long-term record in the SloMoCo archive and b) the site where other SloMoCo'ers will interact with your project throughout the duration. Your user privileges will be set to project creator, which means this is your space to customize and use as you like. You can populate the "General" tab of your project with a title, description, icon, and other descriptive and customizable elements. This is also the place where you can make your project publish, by toggling draft mode to "off."

You can add direct collaborators to your project in the Access section, granting them editor permission. If there are people you'd like to acknowledge as a collaborator who does not need editor permissions on your project, you can add them in the "People" section.

One can forefront media in Manifold, but it's important to consider it is built around digital texts. To that end, we encourage you to consider adding a text element to your work even if they are practice works, courses, or microresidencies. Because Manifold produces beautiful ePubs that allow for other SloMoCo readers to make annotations and other social functions, one cannot simply upload a PDF or WordDoc. However it's fairly straight forward to submit your texts. You can add texts in the form of .html, .epub, .md (markdown), .docx, and a url of a google doc. This Link includes more information about file types and a broad overview of uploading texts to your project. If you have any issues with Manifold, feel free to reach out to us on Discord in the "Manifold" server.

Everything else that goes along with your project that you don't need the SloMoCo community to be able to annotate, make comments on, and otherwise interact with can be uploaded as a resource.

There’s lots that can be done with a project and we encourage folks to explore all of it. Here are some of them:

  • Stylize your project page with a header image as well as a project thumbnail
  • Associate the project with a twitter hashtag; Manifold will fetch tweets with that hashtag and display them on the project page
  • Store relevant media or text as a resource, even make a resource collection.
  • Design a “hero block”, a main header. You can create buttons here that link directly to media resources you’ve uploaded.
Use this link for more information on the stylistic choices you have available for your project!

Notes for Microresidents and Practice Works

Some possible Ideas for using Manifold to get you started

We imagine many different ways to bring your project into SloMoCo. Here are a few:

Behind the Scenes / Showing Process

You can use Manifold to show the elements of your projects that are not necessarily shown in the final result but that can help enrich the experience for the SloMoCo Community. This could take the form of notes, test runs, lists of bibiolographic sources, transcripts of conversations with collaborators, pseudo codes and code processes, video of rehearsals and so on.

As a Blog Throughout the Building of the Project

As a Microresident, you can use manifold to write down and illustrate the project as you develop it over the residency, creating a space to think, develop ideas and get feedback from the community. For example, you can raise questions and doubts that the community can also respond to through annotations or the other social elements that Manifold provides.

As a Space to Explore Specific Theoretical and Technical Elements of Your Projects.

Following the slowness of SloMoCo, it could also be used as a space to begin to write a paper to submit to Moco 2022 or to play with the format of what a paper might be. It could be a place to publish data that goes into your project, previous texts that have influenced your project, diagrams and tables, etc.

These are just a few ideas, feel free to experiment with Manifold and its possibilities. We are excited to see how your projects are actualized!