AME 494// Socio-technical Futures

Arizona State University // Spring 2021

by Grisha Coleman

This course is designed for the next generation of ‘makers’; cultural producers, engineers, and other builders of systems as a forum for expanding, diversifying and reflecting on knowledge of the built environment, and our relationship to how and why we make and build the things we do. Today we face wicked problems. These problems are global in scope and involve complex systems, complex in how they behave, in our assumptions of their function and goals, and the historical/philosophical precedents that have allowed these systems to emerge. The course invites students to subject their own views on how and what we build to critical examination through readings and case studies from a range of disciplines and practices (i.e. anthropology, cognition and embodiment, art, media and technology, urban planning, engineering, carceral and correctional systems).

Recent Activity

  • Project Kickoff

    A SloMoCo project is born!



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