In many parts of the world, the telematic constraints of higher education will persist. For many reasons, hybrid digital-physical formats are here to stay. How are we teaching MOCO topics? How can we share our resources and energies to both lighten the load on individuals and engage the potential of our community’s diverse set of approaches?

A seminar, studio, or course you are teaching can link into SloMoCo in a number of ways. SloMoCo can co-host special events such as showcases that invite the MOCO community into your students’ feedback matrix. Some students from different institutions may even be interested to audit your course and receive reciprocal credit from their institution.

You may wish also to highlight some aspects of the course (a set of lessons, a reading list, a recorded discussion, some starter code, a data set, an instructable) and contribute them to the SloMoCo manifold instance for other instructors to use or reference. Additionally or alternatively, you may pick up some teaching materials from Spring phase, fork them, deploy them with a difference in Fall phase, and share with us the results in a paper or other event.

More immersively, SloMoCo seminars, studios, and courses can support phase-long student efforts such as writing processes, project development, or applied research. You may ask students to host their term paper drafts and final term papers on the SloMoCo commons, leveraging Manifold’s emphasis on iteration as well as reading group, annotation, and editorial functions to encourage transference of ideas and approaches between different seminars, schools, and knowledge creation communities.

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