corpos sonoros

Microresidency exploring sound-movement interactions

by João TragtenbergThembi Rosa

In this micro residency we will develop a methodology to explore movement to sound mapping possibilities mediated by Giromin, a IMU based wearable Digital Dance and Music Instrument. The methodology will be inspired by Somaesthetic Design framework through an iterative process. The experimentation will be both for artistic and somatic education contexts. Each encounter will run a full cycle of the methodology, either starting from body movement towards sounds inspired by them and the inverted process starting from sound. The processes starting from body movement will be guided by somatic education practices of Gyrokinesis and a practice with Bamboos created by one of the residents (Thembi Rosa), all processes will lead to new mapping possibilities from movement qualities and sound parameters. Our goal is to explore how we can create new interactive relationships between movement and sound and how each mapping strategy changes the way we move, how we perceive our bodies and make/hear sounds.


Methodology Process

Corpos Sonoros_Practices