Some work yet-to-individuate may find a good fit as a micro residency. In micro-residency, an artist, researcher, or team proposes a research/creative question, vector, proposition, speculation, performance…(?). SloMoCommittee will help micro-residents to engage with and draw on the MOCO community in order to assemble the resources to incubate, iterate, and articulate these propositions.

Micro-residencies may be proposed for any amount of time, but your proposal will justify the duration by indicating how you intend to feed your work back into the MOCO community via SloMoCo. While many residency programs provide practitioners with the opportunity to work intensively, hermetically, and esoterically, consider how the durational aspirations of SloMoCo may afford other modes of working extensively, promiscuously, and exoterically.

SloMoCommittee will work with micro-residents to help assess how SloMoCo can provide support for the ongoing project. Potential examples of support include virtual events (WIP showing, workshops amplifying calls for collaborators, brokering proposals to institutional MOCO affiliates for local space use, possibly providing modest funds for production/research/development.)

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