Series 1, Episode 5: What escapes computation in interactive performance?

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Provocations | Conversations | Iterations.
A curated series by: Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, Jessica Rajko.
As part of the Provocations Project:

Series 1: What escapes computation in interactive performance? Episode 5 - May 14, 2021 In conversation with: Muindi Fanuel Muindi, Ian Heisters, and Dawn Stoppiello

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As part of the ongoing Provocations Project, this curated conversation series builds on an open call for provocations in response to the question of what escapes computation in interactive performance? Based on the growing collection of provocations, three ‘provocateurs’ have been selected for each episode to read their provocations through one another, exploring points of convergence and divergence in authorial, disciplinary, and cultural perspectives.

For Episode 5, the provocateur's provocations are available at the links below: Muindi Fanuel Muindi: Ian Heisters: Dawn Stoppiello:

To learn more about the Provocations Project, check out additional provocations, and submit your own provocation, visit:

This conversation series is hosted in association with SloMoCo 2021, this year’s extended format of the Conference on Movement and Computing: