SloMoCo Seminar: Transduction and Movement Computing Energetics

Seminar about exchange, transfer, and communication of energy within (and without) movement in interactive computational media systems.

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Lisa Jamhoury and Garrett Laroy Johnson


SloMoCo is offering up the seminar format as an alternative mode of conference gathering. The seminar makes ample space for discussion, debate, and collective inquiry. We have gathered some readings we encourage you to read ahead of time as well as some extra, optional sources. We'll kick the event off with a couple of brief presentations on pioneering artistic experiments in telepresence and a primer on transduction in media arts systems. We invite participants to contribute to the conversation in the ways that feel appropriate to them, including voicing their ideas, and sharing references.


Paulsen, Kris. Here/There. MIT Press, 2017. Introduction + Chapter 1.

Galloway, Alexander. "Transcoding, Transduction, Sampling, and Interpolation -- The Four Interfaces". Blog Post. Culture and Communication. November 5th 2020.

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