November 2020: Looptime

This clock was inspired by a performance entitled “Soundz at the Back of My Head” by Thomas DeFrantz/slippage, in which DeFrantz coined the term “looptime,” describing it as “repetition with a difference or the ever-changing same (but always different).” Using PoseNet pose estimation software, I experimented to try to understand how our perception of movement, which is intrinsically related to time, changes through the filter of applied technology. The PoseNet footage is a repeated dance phrase, where the choreography itself creates a loop, exploring how our experience of motion (and thus time) changes depending on the moment and the lens through which we see it. This makes time circular rather than linear and suggests that temporal tension created by clearly designating a timeline of past, present, and future (lauded by much of my research as the way to find meaning in time) is an individualistic perspective on a greater cyclical vision of time where all pasts, presents, and futures can relate and build upon one another.

How do I need to shift my thinking to value to the same extent re-mixing and innovation?

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  • November 2020: Looptime

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