September 2020: Time Perspective

This clock explores how one’s sense of time changes based on perspective. The layering is to demonstrate how changes in perspective can either be an individual’s perspective over time or a result of interacting with other people or forces. I chose the overhead view to illustrate the depth of time or perhaps the perspective of time itself. As Byung-Chul Han states in “The Scent of Time,” “Time deepens vertically instead of stretching along the horizontal narrative path.” The echoing quality of my dancing body, however, breaks up the temporal and narrative continuity, as events no longer have a clear sequence and the past and future of the dance are all being shown in the present. This is what Byung-Chul Han calls “time without scent” or “non-time,” which he attributes to the growing atomization of life and identity, especially with the rise of technology. These factors complicate people’s ability to maintain or change their temporal perspectives.

How can I know what is limiting my perspective when my understanding is limited by my perspective?

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  • September 2020: Time Perspective

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