February 2021: Grand Narratives

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Choreography, dance, poetry, and video editing by Allison Costa Music created with “Virtual Piano” by Habib Amir

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Harkening back to the split-screen clock “October 2020: Time Past and Time Future,” this clock used the split-screen to explore the idea of “grand narratives,” which kept popping up in my research. A “grand narrative” is a contextualization of the past, present, and future that affects our understanding of and relationship to a bigger sense of time than our individual lifetimes. The temporal tension of “grand narrative” was proposed as a solution to “non-time” (mentioned in “September 2020: Time Perspective”), which is created by the atomization of time due to increasingly radical individualization, and leads to the perception of time accelerating or, more accurately, speeding without direction due to lack of narrative. So, for this experiment, I took a poem I wrote about time, turned the text into sound using software for electronically composing music, and experimented with how the narrative affected my movement. The split- screen was important to reference theories about the origins of time, where time evolution seems to come straight out of symmetries and singularities in the cosmos. Tying my individual, written narrative to a larger narrative about time’s origins deepened my creative exploration into how a bigger contextualization changes one’s experience of time.

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