You, Me, and Our Computers

An exploration of social, embodied interaction over distance.

by Lisa Jamhoury

In 2020, nearly all social interaction moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Professional, academic, and leisure activities moved to Zoom, where people were mostly seated interacting with others over video and text chat. In contrast, You, Me, and Our Computers is a series of websites exploring social, embodied interaction over distance. Using computer vision, open-source machine learning algorithms, and peer-to-peer networking, YMOC places participants’ images and joint positioning on shared digital canvases and uses visual and auditory interactions to encourage explorations of virtual touch and co-presence over distance.

YMOC aims to make the new frontier of web-based social, embodied interaction more accessible. During the SloMoCo Spring Microresidency, YMOC will rapidly generate, test, and document the series of experimental web experiences in collaboration with the SloMoCo community. All code will be made available under open-source licenses and all documentation will be publicly available.

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